Jewelry Ordering

NOTE: For book ordering,  please see my About My Book Page on the top menu.

You can purchase online on my Etsy Page.

1. Select a style of bracelet.

2.  If your horsehair is one color, skip to step 3.  If it is of more than one color, decide whether you prefer a mixed color braid or a separate color patterned braid.  For example, if  you have both black and white hair, do you want it separated into a pattern or blended into a grey?  If gray, what shade do you prefer–light, medium, or dark?

NOTE ABOUT COLOR:  Because tail hair is compressed when braided, your jewelry’s hue may be darker than the hair appeared while swishing loosely on your horse in direct sunlight.  And the tails of chestnuts vary widely in color — in my experience, they rarely match the color of their body and mane hair.

3.  With a cloth tape, measure the circumference of the recipient’s wrist–not too tight and not too loose.  I add 3/4″ of play to jewelry with lobster clasps and 1″ of play to jewelry with toggles.

4. Contact Swishtails at to dictate your order.  Or fill in ORDER FORM II (2). Or do both, as the order includes the information we will discuss.

5.  A 50% non-refundable down payment is required; the balance is due upon receipt.

NOTE: Orders include a gift box, special ribbon, cloth storage pouch, personal note, care instructions, and a business card.

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