Some Clasp and End Cap Choices

     Standard Swishtail Bracelet Prices

It’s hard to price custom jewelry because its concept is individualization.  Thus, this page is not a comprehensive price list, but a starting point.  Other bracelet options — different findings (metal pieces) and different designs  may also be available as well as necklaces and jewelry sets.

The prices are based upon labor and the cost of the findings.  Preparing horsehair for braiding is an exacting and detail-oriented process; the findings are subject to availability from the supplier; the silver market changes daily; I know 6 braiding patterns which range from easy to difficult, and some color patterns are harder than others.

Listed below are the prices for my standard horsehair bracelets. They include an anti-tarnishing storage bag, a gift box, Indiana tax, and U.S.P.S. First Class Mail (or personal delivery for locals desiring it).

Confused?  Don’t worry; we’ll sort things out when you contact me to place your order.

Remember to left click on any photo you wish to enlarge…and that “the rock” photos are ©

NOTE:  I received copyright permission from my vendor to use its advertising photos of the findings.


The Wannettia =639227+639872+686514

4-ply round, approximately 2.3 mm wide braid shown as a bracelet with a charm = $25 ___________________________________________________________________________________

IMG_1236_HDR_crop_credit (1)=692000  +630153+686514

6-ply round, approximately 3 mm wide braid) = $45.00.  Photo by Christopher Schilb. Lengthy tail hair can be braided into a double wrap bracelet.


The Deidre=690328 OR  626822  OR    


690625  OR  639599

8-ply standard, approximately 3.8 mm wide, bracelet.  Easy-round, $60; square $65.


The Winston=698243  NOTE: sterling slide tubes are around $30 alone.

8-ply adjustable, approx. 3.8 mm wide, easy-round or square braid, $80 


The Delanor=626822+626828

Three 8-ply, approx. 3.8 mm wide, round or square braids on an oval push clasp) = $150-200 depending upon braids.



8-ply hard round, approx. 3.8 mm bracelet,  $90


The Gretchen=624511(OR)682045+630368(OR)630223

12-ply, approx. 4.8 mm wide, square braid = $90


His and Her Set

His: 8-ply square braid a rectangular lobster clasp.

Hers: 8-ply round braid with a tear lobster clasp and heart charm.

His and Hers Complimentary Set = $120


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