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I make horse hair ribbons to support riders and owners dealing with health challenges.  Hopefully the ribbons, braided from their special horse’s hair, will provide them with the strength and motivation they need to take care of themselves and continue enjoying the company of their equine friends.

The cost of a ribbon is a little less than a bracelet of the same ply braid.  Please specify the color of the ribbon or bead desired.


These 9-ply braids were designed with dual functions–bookmarks when straight and ribbons when looped and pinned.

Price is a little less than a 9-ply bracelet.  Price includes a hat pin but not a brooch.

Hat Bands

In 2015 I bought a hat on sale. I replaced the hat band (two sets of rawhide strips attached to a faux concho in front) with two 12-ply square braids.  I used the rawhide strips and two wooden beads to attach the braids in back.  For Derby, I pinned a red rose and a running horse brooch on the side of the hat.

Price is similar to two 12-ply bracelets and does not include concho or beads.

Boot Bracelet

Friend Teresa Audesirk made a very cool horse hair likeness of my horse’s head to attach to a 6-ply necklace I braided from his tail. The necklace doubles as a double-wrap boot bracelet.

Cost of braided necklace chain is $10 more than a 6-ply single wrap bracelet due to addition of sterling silver bale and additional length.  Let me know if you want Teresa to make you a pendant matching your horse’s head.


I can make cords of any braid type from very long horse hair.

I can also make long 8- and 12-ply cords to a requested length by adding on additional hair as the starting hairs run out.  The skill took me a long time to  learn and is harder to perform with 12 plies than it is with 8 plies.

Cords can be worn as wrap-around wrist, ankle, or boot bracelets; wrap-around necklaces or belts…your imagination is the limit.

Cost of natural length cords is a little more than that of a bracelet of same ply width. Cost of extended braids varies with length and finishing.  Pendant not included.

Key Chain

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four 8-ply square braids sewn together and banded with two cord Turk’s head woggle knots
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