20. I was interviewed about my memoir, At Home on a Horse in the Woods, by  See the 2nd interview down (on the red background) on  5/2018

19. There’s a new dressage instructor and training facility in town (Louisville)! Check out and

18.  Swishtails had a booth at the Music and Fiber Fest in Clarksville, IN:

17. It’s the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment of the Arts.  Check out my story,

16.  If you’re interested in human hair art, visit Leila Cohoon’s Hair Museum in the Kansas City (MO) suburb of Independence.  The museum contains an AMAZING collection of human hair made into wearable and hang-able art, mainly during the Victorian Era.  To learn more, Google the Hair Museum.  Or go on a virtual tour with Leila at Aug., 2015.

15. My jewelry was introduced at Koi Gallery, Galt House Hotel, Louisville, KY. For directions and contact info, see or  Derby, 2015.

14. Swishtails gets a large feature.  See The New Albany News and Tribune:  5/7/15.

13.  Louisville’s award-winning milliner, Jenny Pfanenstiel: the many hats she makes “from scratch” are Derby hats and Western hats. 

12.  Lindsey Winkler’s latest “dancing with a horse” video:  (Number 8 below lists her previous videos.)

11.  Swishtails made the Louisville Courier Journal Newspaper!

10. Here’s a must-see video: It’s Tracy Westfall‘s 2006 championship bridleless/bareback championship run. 2015 may be just around the corner, but I still MELT every time I see this video! (BTW, I met Stacy once: on a return trip home from Cleveland [where I grew up] — I was visiting her tack shop north of Columbus when she walked in!)

9. The day after I wrote Mendoza Dressage,, about posting Julio and Lindsey’s youtube videos (see #8 below) on Swishtails, Lindsey’s sister (and Julio’s wife, both of whom I’ve never met) wrote back! Included in Jessica’s message was this lovely comment: “Best of luck to you – your bracelets are beautiful…They would make great Christmas gifts for people.”

8. Dancing with horses. I recommend Pilates for equestrians. One of my teachers also happens to be a flamenco dancer and the sister-in-law of an internationally renowned dressage trainer. Check out these three You Tube videos. Is Lindsey dancing by herself, with the horse, with its rider (brother-in-law Julio Mendoza), or with the horse and the man at the same time? You decide: (2013 outdoor practice), (2013 indoor performance), and (2011 indoor performance).

7. News flash! I am one of the two artists from my seven-county region (and one of the 38 winners out of the 135 artists who applied state wide) who won an Individual Artists Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission to improve my skills. For details, see the top of page two: I recently returned from my study and have lots of braiding practice to do! (I learned that hitching is a whole different — and very complex — art form. Someday…)

6. Check out p. 28 of the April (Derby) issue of Louisville’s Today’s Woman Magazine (#20 of “Twenty-two Things”:!

5. A must see video about Kelly Flowers (my horse’s wonderful body worker, Swishtails client, and marathon runner) who is raising funds for folks injured at last year’s Boston Marathon: His EquiTher Peak Performance through Physical Therapy web site is

4. Do you know of a place in Louisville or surrounding areas (a children’s home, day care center, nursing home, assisted living facility, church, etc.) that could use some equine friends to brighten their spirits?  Call Lisa Lopez of Pony Tyme, 502-819-7568, to schedule a visit.  Her ponies create smiles and make folks feel good!  NOTE: The ponies are also available for children’s birthday parties and company picnics.

3. Buy a purse and support a horse at the same time. Check PonyUP! Kentucky: to see how.

2. Purchase one-of-a-kind handmade original wearable art made from precious and semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, and beads from the world over at or visit Delanor Manson at the Koi Gallery in Louisville’s Galt House Hotel.  Delanor made the shell horsehead pendant shown on the necklace below.  To learn more about Delanor, check out,, and the book 100 Fascinating Women (

6-ply round, approximately 3 mm wide braid
6-ply round, approximately 3 mm wide braid

1.  Need  a professional photo taken of your horse or a bridle with bling?  Contact Be by Dede at took the “on the rock” photos of my jewelry pictured on my web site.

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