Triple 8-Ply Sewn Square Braid

New Bracelet!

I love my new bracelet! Can you distinguish the three square braids in the photo? Each is a stack of V’s. The inner braid V’s are a repeat of one red V on top of three white V’s. The V’s on the outer braids are red on one side and white on the other. The braid is reversible.

Cost is $125 for those who provide the tail  hair or for those who wish the bracelet to be braided from colors I have in stock. Cost is $150 if I have to buy a color I don’t have in stock.

NOTE #1: I only buy hair from a reputable business, never from black market pirates.

NOTE #2: While there are many styles of sterling silver clasps I can buy to finish off this bracelet, there is only one company I know that sells end caps that fit it.  But they are “99.9% zinc plated; lead, nickel, and cadmium free; and hypo-allergenic.”

Hope you like my new bracelet design too!



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