Flatbraid Bracelet, Part 1


I tried the 11-ply flat braid pattern I found on a YouTube parachute cord site, but didn’t like it with horse hair.  So I braided another flat 9-ply–this time with 4 plies of red hair, 3 of black, & 2 of white.  The braid turned out a little skinnier than the bookmark braid.  (Like human hair, horse hair also varies in coarseness.)  I’ve ordered end caps one size smaller than those in the photo.  As soon as they arrive, I’ll finish the bracelet.

In the meantime,  took the bookmark to a writers’ group meeting where it was a bit hit!

NOTE: I love to write…I’m working on compiling all the horse tales I’ve written over the years into a book.  When it gets published I’ll be known for horse tails and horse tales!!


1 thought on “Flatbraid Bracelet, Part 1

  1. Can I get a price on this one as well both using my own horses hair

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