Earring Collaboration


I braided a 1.5″, thin, hard 8-ply braid from my chestnut Highlander’s mane hair and the white tail hair of a very special deceased horse.  After attaching the delicate end caps, I sent the braids to Delanor Manson http://koibydelanor.com/ for addition of posts and charms.  While she was working, I began thinking about Geronimo, the first of my three dream horses.  I had bought him in my 20s soon after graduating college.  How could I incorporate him into the earrings?  I had none of his hair.  He’d been a white and red Appaloosa so I could pretend some of his hair was in the braids.  But, he needed some representation of his own. It finally came to me: he had blue eyes unlike the others’ brown eyes so how about asking Delanor to add a small, blue bead to each earring?


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