Necklace Pendants


4/21/14.  A necklace-bracelet set made from the hair of the deceased horse who changed my life and a pendant my husband purchased from my jewelry mentor, Delanor Manson, .  The horse head is amethyst.  Our wedding colors were periwinkle and ivory. Several days after taking the photo, the jewelry arrangement appeared to me as an egg–a very appropriate symbol of new life!

Delanor makes a similarly sized horse head pendant in jade.  The photo immediately below was taken by Dede Jones,

6-ply round, approximately 3 mm wide braid
6-ply half-round, approximately 3 mm wide braid

It is of Delanor’s lighter weight but larger, abalone (shell) pendant on a braided black necklace.  Both necklaces and the bracelet are 6-ply round, approximately 3 mm wide braids. 


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